Cheese Flipping is a job done by Swiss robots to make volumous amounts of cheese. Check here to see how robots are integrated into the process of making cheese. -OR- skip straight to the cheese-flipping robot.

Flipping Cheese is the art of growing your cheddar, getting bread and making enough paper to start a copy store.  If you’re not picking up what I’m laying down, I’m talking about making money!  It’s so boring to simply talk about making money, that’s why flipping cheese is about the ART. If you don’t ENJOY making money or at least find the hunt thrilling, then this isn’t for you.

When I was a young lad, I heard someone say it was all about the cheddar. I later learned that flipping cars was a great way to make money on the side. Thus, I set out to teach myself how to flip the cheese.

I’ve been flipping cheese ever since I was old enough to sell. The ART of the flip is not about ripping people off like some would presume; rather it’s about finding value(or opportunity) in things that other people can’t see and ultimately delivering it to people that need or want it. That’s where the ART comes in. 🙂

This website is about sharing stories from both myself and others. If you suck at making money, we’re here to show you how. If you are great at it, please share with others! Remember, don’t be greedy, just make the pie bigger!